Easter Brunch… Grimm-Style

March 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

For Easter this year, Missy and I are heading home to Bakersfield to spend the weekend with our family. Usually this entails not leaving the house for the entire weekend and cooking some serious food. There is nothing better than cooking in my mom’s kitchen…it’s big, spacious, and stocked with any appliance or ingredient you could possibly need. We thought we’d share our ideas for Sunday brunch, in case anyone needed some inspiration!

BLOODY MARY’S: always a must when it comes to brunch. We chose Barefoot Contessa’s Bloody Mary Recipe, we love its spicy kick. The fresh horseradish and grated onion give great texture. The fixings are the best part and I picked up some homemade pickled goodies from Radius earlier this week.  For those favoring a lighter morning spritzer, we are also making Blood Orange Mimosas… let’s be honest, we will probably have to try both!

FIGGY BUCKWHEAT SCONES: To soak up the morning’s cocktails, we picked a scone recipe from Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks blog. I’ve been wanting to try making something with buckwheat for a while, and these look super yummy.  The sweetness is balanced by the grain-y-ness of the buckwheat. Just a little treat so no one starves while the main feast is still in the works.

HERB & SPRING VEGGIE FRITTATA:  Always a great option for a big group, just pop it in the oven and work on your other dishes for a bit. We are going to use a combination of vegetables that are in season right now…. asparagus, leeks, mushrooms, herbs and goat cheese.  Simple, nutritious and delicious!

CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST: No brunch would be complete without a sweet (practically dessert-worthy) dish.  We chose another dish from Barefoot Contessa. An old favorite and guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this french toast is so divine you will have dreams about it… or at least i do. It’s relatively light (it’s still french toast) and has a nice hint of citrus from the orange zest.  Practice self-control when this plate hits the table, it’s irresistible!

MAPLE GLAZED BACON: Lastly, some form of protein is always needed to keep the men happy. So we’re going to keep it simple, douse bacon in maple syrup and roast it until crisp… easy enough and always a winner.

After this major feast, we will most likely be glued to our chairs for the next 4 hours. Fortunately, we are blessed to have a table filled with wonderful family and close friends who will endure the inevitable food coma with us!  Happy Easter!

Images courtesy of Food Network, Bon Appetit & 101 Cookbooks

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