Packing 101: Carrots has everything you need for your next trip!

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Our Top Ten Tips to ensure stylish travels:

1.  Pack at least one Large Scarf- Something with a bit of cashmere is always nice…it can double as a blanket on the airplane (i avoid the itchy blankets they offer on airplanes at all costs).  Make sure the scarf is lightweight enough to also act as a sarong/beach cover up and as a shawl for over a dressy look in the evening.  We carry some from Faliero Sarti that fit the bill quite nicely and will serve you well once you get home too!  Don’t be afraid to pack more then one scarf, they take up little space and can spice up an otherwise simple wardrobe.  Which leads me to #2…

2. Costume Jewelry –  Leave your valuables at home.  That being said, no outfit is complete without jewels!  A couple of great vintage chains or fun strands of beads could be all the jewelry you need to complement your look.  I love long chains,they can be wrapped around the wrist 10 times for a great cuff, or just once or twice around the neck for an elegant necklace that will match everything you own.  Diane Cotton is a vintage collector we work with who offers versatile pieces perfect for your next trip!

3.  A Handbag (or two!)- A great tote is perfect for your carry-on and for hitting the beach! Devi Kroell makes several chic choices. I usually like to carry a smaller purse or clutch inside of my tote, something with a cross body strap is great for daytime jaunts and evenings out.  We carry a few from Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler that would be a fantastic with literally any and every outfit.

4.  Sunglasses- The perfect accessory to guarantee that you will look just as chic as the moment you took off upon arrival, even if the flight was 26 hours and you are half a world away from where you started.  Check out SALT Optics, based just down the way in Southern California and handcrafted in Japan, they provide a wide range of styles and shapes suitable for every face and destination.

5.  A Hat- Sun protection, more than that of any SPF, is a must, particularly for those headed to a beach destination.  Bring one that can also work with jeans and a tee to mask a bad hair day.  We carry Albertus Swanepoel, his fashion forward collection has a ton of choices.

6. Lightweight Layers- Rick Owen’s Lilies, Kristensen du Nord, Alexander Wang, and Jarbo are all collections we carry that focus heavily on lightweight layering pieces.  By focusing on several layers, your look will be effortless, and you will give yourself a variety of outfit options through mixing and matching your pieces.  Leggings are an underated layer, especially when on the move…they don’t wrinkle, they cover you without causing heat stroke, and they are always in style!  We carry several options but the denim version from Goldsign has been a huge hit, they are super soft and comfortable.

7.  Hydration- I have a ton of favorite products for hydrating, H2O being #1, but a great hand cream and a hydrating mist can save you from looking completely fatigued after a long flight.  Santa Maria Novella’s Crema per Le Mani is fantastic, and their Rose Water is great for a light mist of hydration with a subtle scent, ultimate refreshment!

8.  Comfortable Shoes- Whether its rainy and cold or sunny and hot, you must pack comfortable shoe options.  Dusica Dusica makes some really great styles that have a good amount of support.  Esquivel is another line that provides awesome options for comfort, each pair is handmade and they feel amazing.  Your feet will thank you!

9.  Great knits- Don’t forget to bring a sweater or two!  Knits are key because they provide warmth without the hassle of wrinkling up on you.  Something on the lighter side is suitable for an extra layer under a jacket or on its own.  Choose a versatile color and shape. Check out Lutz & Patmos,  they use incredible fabrics that will roll up perfectly in your suitcase!

10. Checklist-  Flight 001 and are wonderful resources for traveling checklists and supplies, they even have specific lists based on your destination.  There are a ton of fabulous suggestions regarding the way you pack, which luggage is best for you, and how to utilize it most effectively.  Being organized will guarantee ultimate relaxation throughout your trip!

Stay tuned for more tips and stylish updates from our Summer travel adventures!


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