The Weekly “Avocado”

February 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

For this weeks avocado I have to talk about the fact that sister is having a BOY! I am still convinced she is lying to me… I swear every part of me was certain it was a girl!  I’m still a little thrown this morning, so naturally I decided to go online and find some cute babies clothes for boys, and then just started noticing everything boy related… I might even be in more trouble than I thought. Boys are pretty great, congrats Miss & Colin… can wait to meet the little tiger!

So cute & comfy.

Guys are cool. No explanation needed.

He definitely needs one of these. We love pirates.

and dinosaurs.

He’ll get to grow up doing this with his uncle’s.

or his Aunt!

Ha, True. he looks like a little jailbird 🙂

He could grow up to look like this?!

Or be as adorable as this little guy, Vincent.

He probably needs this.

and this.

and certainly one of these!

oh, and this…

Yep. This is trouble.


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