The Weekly “Avocado”

March 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Really, its more like the daily avocado around my house… love them, can’t get enough. a few favorites:

Avocado toast. so many versions… just spread it on some bread with some chili flakes, lemon and salt. Or add a fried egg &/or some bacon.

The ultimate Avocado Smoothie. Just add: kale, banana, milk, dates, coconut oil… banana, kiwi, almond milk, honey… coconut milk, parsley, kale, pear, banana… let your imagination take you away!

B(A)LT. Bacon. Avocado. Lettuce. Tomato. Build your own… simple & delicious.

Guacamole. With fried plantains or cucumber as the dipping vehicle.

Really, there is nothing it doesn’t make better… salads, soup, breafast, lunch and dinner 🙂


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