The Weekly “Avocado”

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, why not… lets talk more about food.

My favorite, go-to, crave all the time, delicious city spots to dine at & what exactly to order.

Il Cane Rosso : the Piatto Del Giorno is always amazing…. such as beef bolognese w/ creamy polenta & parmesan, or their chorizo hash w/ sweet potato puree… honestly, its all amazing, local fresh ingredients that warm your body and soul. I could eat lunch here every day, and some weeks I do!

a glass of wine and the hummus & pita from Terzo … great way to begin an evening!

Nopalito: honestly everything on the menu, but carnitas are amazing, relatively non-greasy and absolutely to-die-for, and you probably should start with the seasonal quesadilla… and many mezcal margaritas are crucial and insanely addicting.

For a healthy quick fix: The Plant salmon & soba noodles. not much else to say there.

Across the street, at BIX, they serve up the best manhattan (with perfect brandied cherries, but you must ask for them!) & prosciutto wrapped mozzarella.

Broccoli rabe pizza at Delfina Pizzeria, my comfort food.

Anything from Fatted Calf that my husband makes for me.

Bar Jules burger & a beer.

The ice cream sundae from Nojo is crazy good, black sesame ice cream… mmm!

Cubano w/ to tostones (fried plantains) from Sol Food in San Rafael.

I’m sure you probably know all this already, but this is the mood I’m in: uninspired and hungry 🙂



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