The Weekly Avocado

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Kimchi Fried Rice = heaven in a bowl.

We have been all over this dish at 2100 Green Street. It is so delicious, healthy and satisfies all appetites. Super easy too, basically all you need is a protein, cooked rice and some kimchi. You can use chicken, pork, shrimp or beef… best to slow cook the meat so you get the shredded quality mixed with the rice. Brown or white rice works well or you can do rice noodles to lighten up the dish a bit.

Here is what I’ve been doing, but feel free to get creative with your veg and spices. I have to admit, these aren’t my pictures, but you get the idea… I was too into eating the food to remember about pictures!

  • Sautee 1 yellow onion, with 1tbs ginger and some red pepper flakes on med heat (i used duck fat, which was delicious… but any oil or fat would work coconut oil would be good too)
  • add veg of choice: this week I used sugar snap peas & purple cauliflower from the farmers market. Peas, asparagus, carrots… would all be great too!
  • add 2c cooked rice (this is a good amount for 4 people)
  • add shredded pork (or whatever protein you choose)
  • add 1c kimchi
  • sprinkle in soy or tamari to taste (a tablespoon or 2)
  • mix it all together and let stand for a bit, so rice gets a nice crunch to it… put in bowls & serve!
  • if you have some green onion around, you could add some at the end for a little extra color.
  • you can also add a little siracha to each bowl if you want extra spice.

Love making this, its totally easy and you can change it up and make it a new dish each time. Makes great left-overs, and a fried egg on top is always an added benefit… enjoy!

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