The Weekly Avocado

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I always have been lucky to have a really great friend who is super into music and actually knows what he’s talking about… Brian has a really great palate of what is relevant today while keeping true to his style… and I get all the playlists along the way!

I was pretty pumped when Catie asked if I’d like to make a guest post for the Weekly Avocado because I really like avocados and I’ve been saving a few essays that I’ve written about them for just such an occasion.  Then she told me that it wasn’t supposed to be about avocados and I was utterly terrified.  I can’t really imagine my interests being of any interest to the readers of this wonderful blog as I spend most of my days watching sports, drinking beers, and herding cats.  One of those things is how I make my living.

While doing such things I’m generally listening to music and, not to sound too music-snobbish, my music is way better than the shit you probably listen to.  All kidding aside, you should make yourself familiar with Justin Townes Earle.  He’s somewhat of a musical wonder-child.  His father is Steve Earle, who you may know from his bad-boy music making days or as Walon from HBO’s The Wire.

Anyhow, let’s make this long story short and get to the punch.  You might be asking why in the hell I’m writing about this bro right about now. Simply put, his music is awesome, his style is clean, and he’s playing here in San Francisco on Friday.  I’ll start with his music, and him playing in San Francisco.  Here he is on Letterman a few months back with a track from his newest album:
Second, he’s playing at the Great American Music Hall on friday, and you can buy some tickets HERE. 
Finally, I mentioned that the dood has some style. Since this blog is about style and what not, check out some pics of how he does things: What would you call that? Rugged-nerd-grunge-chic? I’m not skinny enough to pull it off, but I would if I could.
See you all at the show!

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