The Weekly Avocado

July 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last weekend we ventured north with friends Geoffrey & Maya, Caitlin & Billy, Jimmy & myself for a day filled with great food and a lot of hiking!

We began the day bright & early at Geoffrey & Maya’s for an amazing breakfast. Maya made this awesome “power porridge” which was amazing with fresh berries from the farmers market. She generously shared her recipe and I have been dying to make it again… its a great alternative to oatmeal.


Make a mixture of chia seeds, hemp hearts, & buckwheat groats.

(mainly chia, with a small amount of the others – the buckwheat
provides crunch)
Add boiling water to the mixture, mix, let sit a few minutes until absorbed.
Nutzo or any nut butter
Stevia to taste, or other sweetener
a pinch of salt
cinnamon – lots
coconut butter
more boiling water as needed
anything else that sounds goods – shredded coconut, nuts, dried fruit, etc.
Mix thoroughly & stir in lots of fresh fruit right before eating.
We then headed out to Point Reyes and began a 10 mile hike which sounds daunting, but was amazing! The scenery was unbelievable, constantly changing… walking through the woods then opening up to wide valleys, passing creeks, coming out around the ocean… it was mother nature at its finest! It was a long hike and rather strenuous so Maya also made us these amazing energy bars to keep us going. They were totally perfect… oats, banana, dark chocolate… yum.
The recipe is from Heidi Swanson, of course!
As you can image we were all a bit starving after our strenuous hike, so we made a stop at Cowgirl Creamery on the way home and devoured some tasty food. Cheese, salami, prosciutto & crackers (obviously!), side salads like pesto zucchini, roasted cauliflower with fresh herbs, and they had ribs with polenta as their special… they were awesome. We basked in the sun, ate and enjoyed some relaxing after all our hard work! Finsihed off with some much deserved strauss ice cream!
Such a great day with nature, friends, food & adventure… I highly recommend it next tome you have a weekend free!

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