The Weekly Avocado

August 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, I asked Jimmy to do our “weekly Avocado” this week… thinking he would maybe do something on music, art, summer outdoor activities…. yeah, no. We’re babysitting this weekend and I think he’s more excited than he’ll admit… Here it is:
It starts Saturday.  Uncle and Aunt take on a few hours of introductory babysitting. I like this introductory session. Just enough time to settle in and watch a few facial expressions and then it’s back with mom and dad.

And then again, in two hours time I could do a lot with the little guy.

Maybe introduce him to Tupac?

Explain where babies come from:

Since Mom will be gone. Maybe we will call up the neighborhood friends for some good ol’ fashioned…….bucket baths.

Little hell raising after that bucket bath.

All in all, it looks like Saturdays introductory babysitting session is shaping up a bit. Heck, I might even throw the little football around a bit, Catie did mention a walk…

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