The Weekly Avocado

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Closet essentials. A friend came over the other night and we were playing in my closet and she asked what my current favorite pieces were… and honestly, my basics are my favorites. I have a few things I wear that always make me fell good… comfortable yet stylish basics are what I always love. These are mine:

The Perfect Blazer. I hardly go a day or night without one on… to dress up or down, its my thing.

A lived-in flannel. A great layer piece. I wear it with jeans, dresses, day-time & night… kind of always works.

We just got this one in for fall: definitely my new “oldie”.

The perfect skinny jean. I’m not so into tight/fitted/structured blouses or tops, so a skinny jean is always where I can get a little shape. The perfect pair (or drawer full, who am I kidding) is always important to have around.

Pencil skirt. Throw it on with a tee shirt, blouse, baggy sweater… again, kind of a no-brainer!

My a’bout trench is probably one of my most worn and valued items in my wardrobe. I have had it for years and it just gets better and better. I’m telling you, its gold.

A hoodie. Love this new one from the lady & the sailor. (And their tee’s are killer, honestly you will want one for every day!)

and of course, Vieve & I like to wear them with blazers…

…we often arrive to work in the same outfit 😉

Leather Jacket. Clearly I favor jackets, but you always need one here, and to me it completes the look.

With the addition of scarfs (anything faliero sarti), tee shirts (recent convert…the lady & the sailor) and all Margiela boots… these are my closet favorites & staples… I can wear this uniform every day, and typically do!

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