The Weekly Avocado

August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

My latest obsessions:

obsess. verb:  preoccupy, be uppermost insomeone’s mind, prey on someone’s mind, prey on, possess, haunt, consume, plague, torment, hound, bedevil, beset, take control of, control, take over, have a hold on, rule, eat up, have a grip on, grip.

Ice cream sundaes. But not just any typical sundae… vanilla ice cream (if possible from Bi-Rite), the most amazing honey, ever!! and vanilla sea salt from Boulette’s Larder. Seriously genius.

This honey tastes like whipped, buttery, creamy heaven. It’s like honey-fudge! A lovely gift from Heidi Swanson… and now I’m spoiled forever.

Benedetta Hand Sanitizer. All organic, biodynamic, botanical products… its amazing, smells great and doesn’t dry out your hands. I have it with me constantly. Get some!

Jimmy’s salmon from Alaska. It’s incredibly delicious and our freezer is packed :)… and I love it! We’ve been having salmon breakfast, lunch and dinner… no joke! Last night I made kimchi fried rice with fresh corn, green beans, and (of course) salmon = best meal, maybe ever.

Short hair. I chopped some inches off mine a few weeks ago, it feels amazing… thinking I might need to go shorter – it’s totally addicting.

My Margiela boots… ideal for this San Francisco “summer” weather. (and guess what? … i know where you can find a pair!)

Kimchi. It goes with everything… eggs in the morning, on top of soup, with fried rice, or a burger… endless possibilities. (and its really good for you!)

I have a few that I love, but this is one of my fav’s:

What are the latest loves of your life??

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