Cream of the Crop

August 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

*by Catie

Lers Ros Thai. I wouldn’t really consider myself much of a Thai food buff. Actually I hardly ever eat it, but I like it…  for some reason it’s just never really been a cuisine I’ve gotten that into. I think I can typically group Thai food in a unfair category, similar to Chinese… a lot of take-out, can be kind of greasy or sauce-y, some ingredients are a little suspect, huge menus – never really sure what to order, etc. Well, the other night we were not in the mood to cook or go out, and the usual rounds of food we pick up were not sounding great, so randomly this place popped into my head… I have heard its good from several people and looked online and THEY DELIVER. Done.

It was so delicious, honestly I was super impressed. Everything felt very light and healthy… and SO tasty! They delivered super fast too. It was awesome, definitely going to be put in our lazy night routine. I loved the Pad Thai and the fish cakes, and we had this yummy sliced pork, oh and the salad with crab… mmm mmm.

(ok, I didn’t take these pictures, but its what we had… and its making me hungry!)

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