The Weekly Avocado

August 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

*by Catie

My current situation: The Never-Ending Battle of Closet Organization. If you live in San Francisco, or really an apartment anywhere, you probably share the same frustrating problem… never enough space!  Im constantly trying to figure out clever ways of organizing my scarves, tee-shirts, shoes, etc. I feel like I’m sort of organized in certain areas, and not at all in others… but there is nothing worse than trying to get dressed in a messy, unorganized closet. This is what I’m working with as of now, it certainly has room for improvement.

Love having this rack. I usually like to keep all my favorites hanging here: the outfits that inspire me, or I wear all the time… makes it easy for me to pick something out. However, as you can tell it needs to be re-organized and cleaned up a bit!

Shoes… probably my biggest issue, they are everywhere. Jimmy likes to count them, so I have started hiding them in cupboards and drawers 😉 But seriously they take up a lot of space, and I like to be able to see them all… especially all the pretty ones (that i never wear!)

I usually resort to flats and boots which tend to get tossed into a bit of a pile…

These are my jackets… Sometimes they get organized by color or style, but usually it all ends up just getting shoved in somewhere. I love when Genevieve comes over to help me in my closet, she always makes them look good in a sensible, orderly way.

Scarves are kind of an issue, I wear them everyday in the city… so I have a few. I try to keep them nice and folded, which lasts about 5 seconds. 

This is where they tend to pile up… my poor lamp.

My jeans have to be visible, if they are in a drawer I wear the same 2 pairs on top for a month. It takes a lot to keep the piles looking pretty, clearly not doing a great job… but it works. 

My daily struggle. Tee shirts. I wear them pretty much everyday, and hanging them would take up all my closet space. So this is my solution, clearly not a great one:

Jewelry is also something that tends to find a place on any hook or object around… this is doing the trick right now. I’m on an endless search for the perfect jewelry box… 

Any genius ideas out there? I love seeing pretty, organized closets… It’s a work in progress around here. One day.

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