Cream of the Crop

October 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

*by catie

Totally obsessed. Coconut oil. Trust me, it’s gold.

Let me just tell you about all its uses in my home. I love to cook with it… roasting veggies, think squash, cinnamon & nutmeg… de-lish! I put it in my smoothies for a little extra flavor & healthy fat… try peach, spinach, coconut oil, ginger (get the last of those late summer peaches while they are still around). Missy got me hooked on cooking popcorn in it = love (and I’m not even a huge popcorn fan!). I use it all over my body… great for your skin. Put it on before your bath, soak and follow by a rich moisturizer … your skin will feel like butter. Or use it as a mask for silky shiny delicious hair. I put it on my face too, its very calming and has anti-bacterial properties in it. I’m sure I’m leaving out other uses, but this is a good start… get some!

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