February 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

*by catie & genevieve


bring on the chocolate! who doesn’t love an excuse to bake up some delicious decadent desserts. like these…

chocolate peanut butter cups


or this lovely chocolate cabernet sauvignon cake… um, yes please.


show your body with some love, we love to pamper ourselves with Santa Maria Novella’s wonderful range of products.4c265bc3191fd3466cc3cf428b49cadf

loving the idea of a pretty succulent from Flora Grub as a gift.


send your lover man our way for some jewels to dazzle you this Valentine’s Day, necklace by Irit.b2eb1b27efc06b83a0fcdcd92704d352

super sweet idea from Caitlin @ sacramento street… host a little brunch for your favorite girls to show your love.



ok. have you ever seen anything cuter than this? love-fest.


festive cocktails are a must and get everyone in a loving mood 🙂

the negroni:


the champagne cocktail:


make something decadent and over-the-top to devour with someone special, such as these…

lamb shanks in a pomegranate quince sauce. love-feast.


dim the lights and set the mood for love with Rodin’s jasmine-scented candles.99e28c96ed040020aea90a7113f25071

or switch things up with a little love infused breakfast in bed.



valentinesday_007don’t forget your favorite love day accessory from Carrots, scarf by Faliero Sarti.c5dd1a9f657633330ff56ae4eab14078

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