weekend wear

February 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

*by genevieve

black leather (any way/shape/form) and white denim.  can’t get enough.20121218-064805 tumblr_mdtaubFlFY1rwguwco1_5001 e2059ea40c653bd6982c499bd6053615 18110fa6e05af722306287d097ed968e 67a928532cd1c68303fb1d4e0e3a8b9f 8b6cd782e7a8aa151ce23880659b9b44 2118e385f6ffa2a9c34d9ab0684d7b52 22d8092e5947d5b66bc25ab77bd5fc86 e5060f89b35886f3b8c63a118f8531ba d720f39415b1e08a957ec8357fafd479 43b57185c4e64c74752506ffd4b5423c 9da9fd76788f91abdf07829bbaf639aa db4292a09c4277a7bde51990ca93d4cf e236199970ba45408ab5a098d1aaf69b tumblr_medk7tkoXE1qkegsbo1_500 tumblr_mfe28waHs91s0j1vpo1_500 0d690b3e308d5a2859e2c8f691b63fe9 cd39ffb797f332c2de0d1fe81aa64c4d

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