weekend wear: Calleen Cordero

April 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

+ a little bit of inspiration.

*by genevieve

Whenever we get in new pieces from Calleen Cordero, my inner bohemian totally comes alive.  Her beautifully-handmade sandals, handbags, and belts add the perfect touch of ethnic glam to your weekend wardrobe. I hope everyone has a restful weekend filled with sunshine! TGIF!



Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 2.06.14 PMtumblr_mkni45yURd1sn9r7wo1_500 tumblr_m08rymaCli1qdfnpvo1_400 tumblr_m3fgmiQ6Kn1r8qzqio1_50060af3eb454da0fe0bbf38cda8104da01CollenCordero050212-042_M Cordero092712_141_M tumblr_m7kvvtUyV71qdfnpvo1_500 tumblr_maphotAfAQ1ru8m5ko1_500tumblr_m1xswa58ZO1r0dnebo1_500IMG_9662e3f14b0cb469741212db42410c3e1c3ecScreen shot 2013-04-26 at 12.36.50 PMCordero092712_208_M8fd3084a8030f622e33aeb4b5b01032e tumblr_mba97m40h01rxu8pmo1_128006f1ab51f2d5264ececcbf5aa094342ctumblr_lvx3c5z2iO1qb8aeto1_500tumblr_m3oxfyWSQD1qhpj45o1_500tumblr_m1xfummoTf1qmr9rao1_1280

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