Good Eats

May 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

*by catie

A lot of really amazing meals come out of the Spooner household, often multiple times a day.  This week I was very spoiled by sis and Spooner by getting to join them all week for dinner, while my hubby was driving back from Texas with brother. I, of course, loved every second… not only because I know whatever comes out of that kitchen is going to be awesome, but its just more quality time for me with my little man, Finn… We got in some good dinner time, bath time and story time this week!

Because all the food was so delicious, and actually pretty simple, I thought I’d share a few.

We started the week off with a leg of lamb that was perfectly roasted accompanied by a fantastic gremolata. We also had a side of roasted potatoes, cauliflower and asparagus, and some amazing roasted carrots. I have no idea what Spooner put on these (besides a lot of butter) but they were incredible. Honestly, the best. This whole dinner was amazingly simple, and SO delicious.

The lamb/gremolata combo is awesome… I definitely recommend it. Perfect for spring with all the green veggies out there.





Another stand out evening was the black cod wrapped in parchment paper with thinly sliced potatoes, katamala olives, lemon and parsley. We just popped it in the oven for about 20 minutes and mmmmm… de-lish! We also whipped up a spring-y salad with spinach, peas, avocado and a tasty green goddess dressing. Heaven.



For the weekend we are all headed to Bako to celebrate Mom & Darcy’s 10 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it… so amazing! Darcy just finished up building a new bbq/pizza oven out back that we are going to all test out for the first time. Missy and I stocked up today with Delfina Pizzeria dough, amazing buratta, fontina, salami, procuitto and fresh tomatoes! And Bryan and Jimmy stopped for some fly fishing along the route back from Texas and have some fresh trout on board. So, as you can image the feasting will continue. We’ll keep you posted on any recipes that must be shared!

Have a great weekend, and go eat some good food! x

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