Cream of the Crop

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Elin Kling: this fashion blogger seriously knows how to rock the jeans. I always think she look adorable. Easy, simple, uncomplicated outfits… My kind of dressing.

We need to get her in a pair from CARROTS, we have some great basics, prints and colors in right now!

Cream of the Crop

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Donna Karan, a fashion legend who has adorned women with her iconic designs for decades, is what we consider the ultimate “cream of the crop” around these fields.  We have always admired her foundation, Urban Zen, and the way it strives to empower women, children, and cultures around the world.

And get this: we will soon have the Urban Zen clothing & home collections at CARROTS!  We have long loved the line and know it will be a fabulous success.  On the horizon for fall… an intimate trunk show with the lovely lady herself… stay tuned!

Cream of the Crop

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I want to be wearing this today. I have been loving prints & colors lately, which is so not like me… but there is something liberating about putting on something that suits your  mood in that very moment. I walk our of the house with crazy looks from my husband sometimes, but i kind of love it. Express yourself today! xx

Cream of the Crop

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Have you all heard about all the LIN-SANITY? It’s crazy. Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin is the topic of conversation everywhere. I have to admit, I was clueless until my brother-in-law, Colin (who’s an avid basketball fan) gave me the low-down. But now I love this kid… he has a great story, was sleeping on his brothers couch as of 2 weeks ago and getting zero game time. Then all the sudden he is all anyone in the NBA wants to talk about. He’s adorable, a Harvard grad, grew up in Palo Alto, seems humble and less “affected” than so many of the rising stars, just a good, clean kid… people he grew up with claim him to be the nicest person they’ve ever known. I have to admit, I’m not really a huge basketball fan (completely clueless), but I’m kind of in to watching him play! Might even watch a game or two 😉

The Weekly Avocado: from NYC Fashion Week

February 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ladies always seem to inspire me during NYC fashion week. Everywhere you go, the outfits are pretty incredible, and usually rather original. Here are some of my favorites so far:

The Weekly “Avocado”

February 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

For this weeks avocado I have to talk about the fact that sister is having a BOY! I am still convinced she is lying to me… I swear every part of me was certain it was a girl!  I’m still a little thrown this morning, so naturally I decided to go online and find some cute babies clothes for boys, and then just started noticing everything boy related… I might even be in more trouble than I thought. Boys are pretty great, congrats Miss & Colin… can wait to meet the little tiger!

So cute & comfy.

Guys are cool. No explanation needed.

He definitely needs one of these. We love pirates.

and dinosaurs.

He’ll get to grow up doing this with his uncle’s.

or his Aunt!

Ha, True. he looks like a little jailbird 🙂

He could grow up to look like this?!

Or be as adorable as this little guy, Vincent.

He probably needs this.

and this.

and certainly one of these!

oh, and this…

Yep. This is trouble.


Cream of the Crop

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Love these pictures of designer, Christina Hutson and her adorable kids at home!  We first met the ever cool couple Christina and her husband Swaim in NYC when they were designing the hip mens brand Obedient Sons.  We were instantly struck by their sharp sense of  style and warm demeanor.






Images courtesy of The Glow.

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