new harvest: rainbow bright

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Come check out the new lot of beautiful blouses from Jeunesse!  What’s your favorite color?

new harvest: introducing…

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new harvest: all a’bout white

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weekend wear: i want to go to the beach

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Come check out the latest from SALT optics. GOODWIN $425

Cream of the Crop

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Ask and you shall receive…. Spring is finally here & it’s just lovely in the city last few days! I’m all over the new Small Trades tee’s. Comfy, cotton and stripes… what more do you need? Sweaters coming soon.

new harvest: Topanga Candle Co.

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A new lease on life? These antique tins have been filled with the most delightfully-scented wax.  In all sorts of shapes and sizes, these one-of-a kind beauties are a very clever gift/the perfect piece your mantle has been missing ;).

new harvest: Faliero Sarti Spring

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Random newness at CARROTS. Who doesn’t like fun nail polish… esp. when its natural & chemical free.

Cream of the Crop: Linda Rodin

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There is beauty in simplicity. Linda Rodin was raised on this principle, which is very apparent in her uber chic, sophisticated style… tortoise shell eyeglasses, ballet flats, and natural silver hair pulled back in a ponytail, “I am the lowest-maintenance person I know. I don’t labor over how I look.”

It’s this natural, devil-may-care brand of beauty that won her modeling jobs when she moved to Italy to study at age eighteen… with her Twiggy eyelashes, over-the-knee boots, maxi coat, and five-inch skirt “that was more like a handkerchief”.

A model, fashionista, stylist all paved the path for Rodin to create her own skin care line. “What I longed for was something far simpler—products for the here-and-now, that caress the skin noticeably and without any delay. Nothing out there did quite that.”

Rodin put the finishing touches on her first dream elixir, the original RODIN olio lusso face oil, in 2007…and soon RODIN olio lusso was selling to a cult following… the RODIN olio lusso collection is growing—each new item containing a similar, near-magical blend of essential oils, starting with a body oil, then a hair oil, and most recently a lip balm.

Arriving any day at CARROTS… come check it out, you will quickly understand the “cult” following I mentioned.

new harvest: the Mullet Tote

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