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843 Montgomery Street  |  Jackson Square  |  San Francisco, CA 94133

p 415.834.9040  |  f 415.834.9041

§ 10 Responses to Contact Us

  • Yolanda Lew says:

    Why not make it easy to keep up with Carrots by allowing shoppers to subscribe to your blog by RSS feed? I wanted to do this and was surprised that I couldn’t. I am a Jill Platner fan and found out about the sale from a friend who forwarded the email to me.
    I’m a web designer who loves fashion. Your store looks wonderful!

    • carrotssf says:

      Hi Yolanda,

      We’ve updated our settings – not sure why it wasn’t allowing it, as some people have been able to get RSS, but it should be fine now! Thanks for checking in. Come by the store for a visit!

  • I am an author of the cookbook, “The Dance of Spices”. We have very unique award winning organic flaxseed spreads. I am local and a small business located in San Ramon. Will you be interested in book signing/tasting of our products. I am open to your ideas or suggestions. Many thanks. My blog is
    Your store looks wonderful and the unique name caught my eye.

  • Danae says:


    I am in love with the pink Christian Louboutins featured in the pink and gold blog post. Can you please let me know where I can find those?

    • carrotssf says:

      I know! Me too!! I wasn’t even sure who the designer was, just trying to spotlight a color trend for the season. Good luck!

  • Gabrielle says:

    I suppose, seeing your site, you have to be very young and very slim to become of your customers.

  • Diana says:

    I own five Diane Cotton necklaces but no earrings or bracelets. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and cannot attend your sale in person in August. Can you please email me photos of her collection? Thank you.

  • Alessandra Formentin says:

    Can you confirm your business email please?
    Beatrice B brand.

  • ron griffin says:

    hi, my name is Ron Griffin. sorry to here youre closing. I grew up in Di Giorgio, Ca. my father, Gilbert Griffin works for DiGiorgio Fruit Corp for about 35 years and we knew J.A. DiGiorgio and J.S.DiGiorgio . They were very well respected men and my father enjoyed working for them. I wish you sisters the best of luck in youre futures and just wanted to say say hello.

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