Ancient Beauty, Timeless Style

September 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Eli Halili is the latest fine jewelry collection to grace 843 Montgomery. First we fell in love with Halili’s minimalist and luxe handbags and now we are besotted by the jewelry that made the designer a favorite with celebrities and women of good taste.

Eli Halili is the creative director and the man behind this exquisite collection of necklaces, bracelets, and more. He is an explorer who searches far and wide for pieces of antiquity: ancient elements, rare coins, precious and semi precious stones. The coins in his designs date back to ancient Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, or Mesopotamian times creating a studied elegance that is eye catching but never extravagant. Strings of precious stones shimmer stealthily. These treasures are thoughtfully incorporated into beautiful handmade jewelry. 

“To read, to travel, to explore, and find adventure in every day is a lifestyle! To choose meaningful and unique jewelry is part of this exhilarating journey,” says Eli Halili. Well…sign us up this kind of adventure! 




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